The Struggle and Solution to Water Bottle Holders

Living in a sun-struck state such as Arizona presents a challenge for me as a crafter. I tend to lean to more practical projects, crochet and otherwise. People focus on accessorizing while staying stylish and active. I will share how I overcame the problem with water bottle holders. Design, execution and long-term use in mind.


My finished product is based on of @maidenpietown ‘s design and video tutorial on Youtube. I love the flexibility, simplicity, and versatility in the design. As a base for the water bottle holder this make the most sense. I can do my best to adhere to the measurements of the clients water bottle. However, it’s important to have a product be compatible with as many bottles as possible. It works up really faster than other designs, especially since I decided to use a worsted weight yarn (#4) and a 5mm hook. Fast is a relative term. By fast, I mean four hours including the handle, mostly the handle. The handle design is a solution I have been working on, you’ll see why.

Solutution Execution

As I have said before and idea is only as good as it’s execution. To make an idea come to life you have to thing of the life cycle of your product. Acrylic yarn is good for being washable and easy to use. Acrylic is known to stretch or relax over time, and it could be a potential problem down the road. You can go from a nicely sized strap to a bottle hanging down to your knees. What’s the solution?

Using the smaller 5mm hook has more tension, decreasing stretch. Single crochet also works to accomplish my goal of a long sturdy strap. With a little bit of thought to stiches and tension, I can give my customers products they love now and for a long time to come!

Long Term Solutions

Thinking about the future is very important. Let’s go over the hurdles my product conquers over it’s lifespan and how it is a perfect solution!
Durability : Water bottles are heavy and a thin strap will dig into your shoulder. At the apex of the strap I increase stitches to provide a wide and comfy strap that hugs the shoulder. Working in the round provides more comfort than a simple flat strap.
Ease of Use: Slide your water botte of choice in and your good to go!
Simple Care: Did it get dirty on your latest adventure? Simply throw it into the washer and be rid of the dirt. No need for excessive or time consuming handwashing.

You can have confidence and peace of mind when ordering, since I strive to supply the best products that will withstand the test of time. Either for you or your loved one will enjoy this amazing product! If you crochet yourself, than I would like to suggest being mindful. I love sharing my process in how I develop my products and how those little details matter when it comes to your craft. Whether it be professional or as a hobby, being mindful is a nice way of having a little bit of yourself in each item you create!

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